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Randy Eiken

    Jewelry Designer Randy Eiken has drawn from his 25 years in the jewelry industry to design the R. Eiken Jewelry Collection.  He uses classic, tailored lines with vibrant colored stones and silver and gold to create jewelry that is contemporary yet classic. Randy began his career as a jewelry repair apprentice in high school in Jefferson City, Missouri.  His eight years as a bench jeweler instilled in him the desire to make jewelry that was not only beautiful, but also durable and practical.  After eight years as a bench jeweler, Randy spent seven years in the buying, sales, and management side of the jewelry industry.  This experience taught him what customers are looking for… jewelry that is contemporary but not trendy, jewelry that is timeless. In the early 1990s, Randy had the good fortune of going to work for a fine custom jewelry store in St. Louis, Missouri.   Here, working with a master craftsman, Randy learned the fine art of wax carving, model making, casting and mold making.  Randy continued to refine his craft until the mid 90s when a job opportunity for his wife, Elise, took them from Missouri to Texas. It was in Texas that Randy started a small custom jewelry design and repair business that provided services to local and regional jewelry stores.  But Randy’s true love was jewelry design. In 1996, after much encouragement from his wife, Randy designed a small collection of jewelry and took it to Santa Fe, New Mexico to see if he could interest a gallery there in featuring his work.  Ornament, a fine jewelry gallery on San Francisco Street in the heart of Santa Fe’s art district, was quick to include Randy’s work in their collection. Today, Randy’s jewelry is sold in jewelry stores, galleries and specialty stores across the country.  He also markets through wholesale and retail fine art and craft shows such as “Buyers Market of America’s Craft,” “Sugarloaf Craft Festivals,” and “American Crafts Festival at Lincoln Center.”  His work has been featured on the cover of Lapidary Journal and in other magazines such as In Store and At Home in Arkansas.  For more information, please call 870-534-8414 or email us at rjeiken@aol.com.